The Triangle in Square Unit Using the Tri Recs Tool or AccuQuilt

Triangle in square tutorial and calculator

Rotary cut the triangle in square unit with the Tri Recs Tool from EZ Quilting. For rotary cutting, the Tri Recs Tool is my go-to tool for cutting the Triangle in Square unit. This unit is also called the “V Block” or “Peaky and Spike”.

Follow this tutorial with video to learn how to cut and piece the Triagle in Square unit. In addition to using the Tri Recs Tool, this tutorial includes information on using AccuQuilt dies for cutting patches cutting.

Quilts and Blocks Using This Unit

The triangle in square unit is used in quilts and blocks to give the illusion of curves. Here are links to video tutorials for some of those blocks and quilts. Click on the image to see the video tutorial and download instructions for each.

tri rec steps
sea snails quilt tutorial
Making Waves quilt tutorial
scrap garden quilt

Tri Recs Tool Tutorial

The video below shows how to cut and piece the triangle in square unit using the Tri Recs Tool or AccuQuilt. Use the Tri Recs Tool Calculator at the end of the tutorial to find fabric requirements and cutting instructions for 6 unit sizes.

Jump directly to the demonstration by advancing the slider to the 5:42 time stamp.

Using AccuQuilt Dies

Use two dies used to cut the unit: The center triangle and the side triangles. Find both of these in the GO! Companion Set Angles for the size you need. In these sets, the triangle in square dies are shape 13, the center triangle and shape 14, the side triangles. the shapes can also be purchased separately.

Click the links below to see the dies.

2-1/2″ Finished unit

Triangle in Square Calculator

Use the calculator below to find fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the triangle in square unit. The calculator works for the Tri Recs Tool and for the AccuQuilt as well.

Triangle in Square Calculator

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Happy quilting!

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