60 Degree Triangle Quilts Cutting Chart

60 Degree Triangle Quilts can have many different looks. These shapes make it possible to design 3 dimensional looking quilts. The 60 Degree Triangle is also known as the Equilateral or Pyramid triangle. All of these will work with this calculator. This calculator was modeled from a chart by Krista Moser, designer of the Mini and Large Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Rulers. Check out her website for lots of good information on using the Diamond rulers and more!

Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Ruler Large
Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Ruler Mini

The rulers above are great for cutting diamond shapes but for equilateral triangles, I suggest you use a triangle ruler. There are lots of rulers out there just be sure to look for the 60° name on it. If you have a ruler that you are not sure of, use the 60° line on your cutting mat to check the angle. If one edge of the ruler matches along the horizontal line and the adjacent edge matches along the 60° angle line, you’re good to go!

Rotary Cutting 60 Degree Triangles

Markings on the 60 degree ruler indicate where to place the ruler. Refer to the instructions included with your ruler. For a triangle patch that finishes at 3″ high, cut a strip of fabric 3-1/2″ x WOF. Place the 3-1/2″ mark along the top or bottom edge of the fabric strip. Alternate the direction of the ruler to cut the strip into triangle segments as shown.

AccuQuilt Cutting

AccuQuilt has several sizes of equilateral triangles:

— Die #55079 includes three small sizes, and

–Die #55429 has 4-1/4″ finished sides. The finished height of this die is about 3-1/2″. In the calculator below, select the 4″ finished height for this die.

Equilateral Triangles in Three Sizes 55079
4-1/4″ Finished Sides Equilateral Triangle 55429

60 Degree Triangle Calculator

Three 60 Degree Triangle Quilts

In the calculator below, enter the number of 60 degree triangles you need. You choose the finished height, and the system shows your results.

60 Degree Triangles


Fabric Needed

60 Degree Triangle Quilts

Moreover, the following videos showcase three different 60 Degree Triangle Quilts. In the first video, the triangles are framed with a different fabric before being pieced together in horizontal rows. From 1 fat quarter you can make 4 framed blocks.

For the Color Junction quilt below, the triangles are pieced in vertical rows.

Color Junction comprises 12 different fabrics and creates a three-dimensional effect. This is a pattern appears in a book called Stunning 3-D Quilts Simplified.

Additionally, the third quilt, Hollow Cubes, presents another three-dimensional appearance. It is made with partially framed 60 degree equilateral triangles pieced in vertical rows.

For more quilting fabric “chart” calculators click the REFERENCE tab above.

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