Tilted Charms Quilt: Rotary Cutting, AccuQuilt or Paper Piecing

The perfect way to use your charm squares! Choose scrappy or coordinated fabrics for the Tilted Charms Quilt. A fast and easy quilt to cut and piece using rotary cutting, Accuquilt or paper piecing. Something for everyone.

Tilted Charms Quilt made with scraps of charm squares and other fabrics.

The Tilted Charms quilt shown here is made from scrappy 5″ cut charm squares. Each charm square is framed with half rectangle triangles. Half of the charm squares are tilted to the left (counterclockwise) and the other half tilted to the right (clockwise).

The frames can be the same fabric around each charm square or scrappy.

The 12″ finished block is made with 4 tilted charm units. Two are tilted to the left and two are tilted to the right. When using the rotary cutting or AccuQuilt methods, the tilted charm unit is pieced slightly larger and trimmed to 6-1/2″.

The block diagram shows placement of the patches.

Tilted Charms Quilt block diagram

The Tilted Charms Block is part of the Block of the Day 2023 and is Block #0910 for September 10, 2023. For rotary cutting and AccuQuilt, the dimensions for cutting the AL and AR patches are slightly larger here in order to simplify cutting. Either measurements will work for piecing and for using the calculator.

Download the Tilted Charms Instructions and Paper Piecing Foundations

Rotary Cutting

For rotary cutting, the calculator below will give fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the charm squares and the frames. I use and recommend the tools below to make cutting accurate.

Use the striology ruler to make the tilted charms quilt
Stripology Ruler
Creative Grids Rotating Cutting Mat
Creative Grids 6.5" Square Ruler
Creative Grids 6.5″ Square Ruler

AccuQuilt Cutting

Choose from these options for cutting with AccuQuilt.

For Cutting The Charm Squares:

55716 5″ square. Also in 9″ QUBE shape 1.
55023 5″ strip cutter

For Cutting The Frames:

To cut the 3″ x 6″ rectangles, use either die to cut strips. Next, use the other die to sub cut the rectangles.

55084 3″ strip cutter
55488 6″ strip cutter

Paper Piecing

For each block you will need 2 copies of the left tilted square and 2 of the right tilted square.

How Many Blocks?

Before you can use the calculator below, you’ll need to know how many blocks you need. Head over to Design / Size A Quilt Calculator. Enter the block width and length. Add or change the Blocks Across and Blocks Down until you see the Actual Quilt Size you want. The results will tell you how many blocks you need. Use that number in the calculator below.

Tilted Charms

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Happy quilting!

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