Star Rings Quilt Tutorial and Calculator

Blocks in this quilt are the Double Nine Patch and what I call the Amazing Star. It might be hard at first to see the rings. Just squint your eyes slightly and they will appear.

Both blocks are a 3 x 3 grid. The units in each grid space finish at 3″ making a 9″ finished block. In the quilt above the blocks are set alternately in 9 rows of 7 blocks making this a 56″ x 81″ finished quilt.

Make the illusion symetrical by choosing an odd number of blocks in your rows and columns. The image above shows star blocks in each corner. This video shows how to make this quilt using the Tri Recs Tool for rotary cutting or the AccuQuilt dies. Instructions for the quilt can be downloaded from the video description on YouTube.

Rotary Cutting

All the fabric is cut from either 1-1/2″ strips or 3-1/2″ strips. For rotary cutting I recommend the Creative Grids Stripology Ruler. In addition to cutting strips, you can cut the 3-1/2″ squares and sub cut the strip sets into segments with the Stripology Ruler.

The triangle in square units are cut from 3-1/2″ strips with the Tri Recs Tool from EZ Quilting. There are other tools you can use as well.

AccuQuilt Cutting

Use the 1-1/2″ strip cutter to cut strips for strip piecing and for sub cutting the strip sets into segments. Use the 3-1/2″ strip cutter to cut strips and to sub cut the 3-1/2″ squares.

For the 3″ finished triangle in square units, use the dies shown below.

Find these dies in the 6″ Companion Set Angles or purchase them individually.

Using 6 layers of fabric you can cut 12 units.

Choosing Fabric

You have a multitude of choices for the Star Rings Quilt. As shown in the video, I used one multi-color batik fabric for the accent and assorted low volume prints for the backgrounds.

You can choose single fabrics for the accent and background or make everything totally scrappy. As long as there is good contrast between the accent and background fabrics, you are good to go!

Piecing Star Rings Quilt

Two blocks are used in this quilt. The images below show the patches for each block.

Double Nine Patch Block

Three units make up this quilt:

9-Patch Unit 3″ Finished
Plain Patch 3″ Finished
Triangle in square unit
Triangle in Square Unit
3″ Finished

The 9-Patch units are strip pieced in two different strip sets:

Strip Set 1
Strip Set 2

Width of fabric strips are sewn together to make these strip sets then sub cut into segments as shown in the video. In the calculator below, the results will show how many strip sets to make.

Star Rings Quilt Calculator

Use the calculator below to find fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the number of blocks you need. Enter the number of Star Blocks and Double Nine-Patch Blocks and see the results.

Star Rings





Strip Set 1:
Strip Set 2:

Patch A

Patch A


Patch E – Star Block

Patch B – Double Nine Patch Block

Patch E – Star Block


Patches C and CR – Star Block

Patch D – Star Block

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Happy quilting!

6 responses to “Star Rings Quilt Tutorial and Calculator”

  1. Karen SOWARDS Avatar
    Karen SOWARDS

    Marvelous Quilt Calculator! Thank you!

  2. Carol Ashworth Avatar
    Carol Ashworth

    So glad I found this!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!

  3. Judi Avatar

    Hi Carol, I am so impressed with your work and your dedication to making our quilting lives better! Thank you! I have a question for you: I want to make a quilt using 18” finished embroidered squares as the plain ‘E’ squares and then make the C-D-CR units to fit those “plain” squares. There is actually only one star in the quilt, but it is large. Can you help me with this? Thanks so much for your consideration of my project- and again for all your hard work!

    1. Carol Thelen Avatar

      If the E squares will be 18″ finished then the C-D-CR unit, triangle in square, will also be 18″ finished.I’m not aware of any pattern or template that size. What you might do is draw an 18″ square then draw in the side triangles. This would be a template or pattern to make those 4 units. Sounds like a beautiful quilt!

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