Ohio Star Quilt Block for Rotary Cutting and AccuQuilt

The Ohio Star quilt block is a classic in the quiltmaking world. There are a multitude of variations on this block. In this article we work with a variation using 4 fabrics.

Choose your cutting and piecing method:

  • Rotary cutting, or
  • using the Accuquilt fabric cutting system.

Check out some variations on my Pinterest board – Ohio Star linked below.

Pinterest Board – Ohio Star

Ohio Star Quilt Block Construction

This block is laid out in a 3 x 3 grid. Each space in the grid finishes at the same size. The quilting units used are the square and the quarter square triangle (QST). Each square or QST has the same finished size.

The finished block size is determined by the finished unit size. If the square and QST units are 4″ finished, the block width is:

3 grid spaces across x 4″ = 12″ finished block

Block length is the same as the block width.

3 x 3 Grid
Ohio Star Quilt Block

In the block diagram above right, the patches are labeled A for the square and B for the QST. The numbers indicate the fabric numbers.

This is an even 3 x 3 grid. As a rusult, block sizes are divisible by 3. The chart below gives the unit sizes and block sizes of these blocks.

Finished Size
Finished Size
2″ 6″
3″ 9″
4″ 12″
5″ 15″
6″ 18″

The calculator on this page gives you fabric requirements and cutting instructions for your choice of these 5 block sizes using 4 fabrics.

Rotary Cutting

The video below shows how to piece the QST four at a time. To use this method, start by cutting squares slightly larger than needed. After piecing, trim the units to the exact unfinished size. The calculator for rotary cutting is designed to use this method.

AccuQuilt Cutting

Below is a chart showing AccuQuilt dies used in the calculator for each block size. See the Qubes on AccuQuilt website.

Fin Size
2″4” Qube Die # 14” Qube Die # 4
3″6” Qube Die # 1 6” Qube Die # 4
4″ 8” Qube Die # 18″ Qube Die # 4
5″10” Qube Die # 110” Qube Die # 4
6″ 12” Qube Die # 112” Qube Die # 4
Be sure to check “AccuQuilt” when using the calculator below.

If you have the Ohio Star BOB, when using the calculator below, check the AccuQuilt option and choose the 12″ finished block.

Ohio Star Block on Board

Design Your Quilt

Before using the calculator below, visit Design / Size A Quilt calculator to find how many blocks you need for the size quilt you want. After you know how many blocks you need, enter the numbers in the form below to get your fabric requirements.

Ohio Star quilt block calculator diagram

The Ohio Star Quilt Block Calculator

NOTE: Although we take great care to get the information, numbers and calculations right, we are not responsible for errors on this platform. It is strongly suggested you make test cuts and test piecing before cutting your entire project.

Ohio Star Quilt Block

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Happy quilting!

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