AccuQuilt Winding Ways Quilt

Use low volume light prints and assorted red and white prints to make this AccuQuilt Winding Ways quilt. I have always loved the illusion of circles created when the blocks are pieced together.

In the version pictured below, two light squares and two dark squares of fabric are placed on the die and cut. The patches cut from these 4 squares will make two blocks: one block with dark background and the other block with light background.

Blocks are set by alternating light and dark background blocks.

AccuQuilt Winding Ways quilt made with red and white fabrics.
AccuQuilt Winding Ways die # 55069
Winding Ways Block on Board

Use the AccuQuilt Winding Ways Block on Board die to cut the fabric. The die number is 55069. Click the image to the left for information.

For convenience, in this tutorial we use 10″ squares, also known as layer cakes.

Most seams in this quilt are gentle curves, as a result, many quilters may shy away from making it. Luckly, the AccuQuilt Winding Ways die cuts small notches in each fabric piece. By using these notches, there is no need for pins. The video below demonstrates how to sew each seam in the AccuQuilt Winding Ways quilt block.

Cutting The Winding Ways Quilt Block

This block finishes at 8″. Before you start cutting fabric, determine how many blocks to piece. First, head over to Design / Size A Quilt Calculator and enter 8 in the Block Width and Block Length fields.

Next, enter the number of Blocks Across and Blocks Down until you find the quilt size you like. Among other things, the results show how many blocks you need.

Use the number of blocks in the calculator below to see how much fabric you need for that quilt.

NOTE: Although we take great care to get the information, numbers and calculations right, we are not responsible for errors on this platform. It is strongly suggested you make test cuts and test piecing before cutting your entire project.

AccuQuilt Winding Ways Quilt Calculator

Winding Ways Quilt

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Happy quilting!

2 responses to “AccuQuilt Winding Ways Quilt”

  1. Julie Avatar

    How do you make the winding ways quilt? I really love the quilt. I do not have the AccuQuilt. Where do I find the pattern?
    Thank You,

    1. Carol Thelen Avatar

      This is only for the AccuQuilt die. There are templates you can buy. Here are some to check out –
      I’m not sure if instructions come with the templates.

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