AccuQuilt Pineapple

The AccuQuilt Pineapple die is a Block on Board. A Block on Board (BOB) is a die that has all the shapes you need for the block on one die board. Click on the left image below to see information about the Pineapple die. Click on the right image to download the Block Assembly instructions.

The video below shows information on cutting and piecing the Pineapple quilt. Included in the video is information on using the Sizing A Quilt calculator to find how much fabric you need and uses worksheets. The worksheets are no longer needed because the calculator for this quilt is further down on this page.

Watch the video below to learn all out about the Pineapple BOB including tips for piecing flat blocks that so not ripple.

Now that you’ve watched the video, head on over to the Design and Size a Quilt calculator. Enter the block width and height of 10 inches for this block. Then change the blocks across and down settings until you find the size you want.

While you are there, you can grab the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for binding and backing. Once you know how many blocks you need, enter that in the calculator below to find the fabric requirements for your quilt.

NOTE: Although we take great care to get the information, numbers and calculations right, we are not responsible for errors on this platform. It is strongly suggested you make test cuts and test piecing before cutting your entire project.

AccuQuilt Pineapple
AccuQuilt Pineapple Block On Board


Shape B/D/E/F

The results are given for a two fabric quilt using a light and a dark fabric. If you wish to use more fabrics, divide the amount of fabric needed to fit your needs.

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