AccuQuilt 10″ Companion Angles

Use this calculator to find fabric requirements and cutting instructions for any of your AccuQuilt 10″ Companion Angles dies. Simply choose the die and enter the number of finished units you want.

This page includes all 4 dies from the AccuQuilt 12″ Companion Set Angles.

Continuation of die numbering system from the GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks. Includes 4 basic quilting shapes designed to work together.

AccuQuilt 10″ Qube Other Sets

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AccuQuilt 10″ Companion Angles Calculators

Dog-eared corners make piecing the Kite and Triangle in Square blocks easier and with less bulk at the points.

Cutting measurements are taken from the website under the DETAILS tab for each individual die.

NOTE: Although we take great care to get the information, numbers and calculations right, we are not responsible for errors on this platform. It is strongly suggested you make test cuts and test piecing before cutting your entire project.

10″ Qube Shape 13


12″ Qube Shape 14


10″ Qube Shape 15


10″ Qupe Shape 16


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