Lumbered Jack’s Log Cabin Workshop

This simplified version of Lumbered Jack’s Log Cabin is like the quilt featured in the book, Redesigned in Red, White and Black by Quiltworx which is a re-design of the pattern, Osprey’s Nest at the Lake Cabin.

The original Lumbered Jack’s Log Cabin uses 3 fabrics for the light side of the log cabin block, requiring special sorting, stacking and cutting techniques. This simplified version uses fewer fabrics and does not require any special cutting, sorting or staking.

Important: Use the chart in the supply list to choose your fabrics for this workshop. Do Not use the fabric chart on the back of the pattern.

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There are 10 lessons in this workshop. Upon completion of your order, you will receive immediate access to all the lessons.  Access to the workshop never expires. You will have continued, unlimited access to all workshop content including all future updates and revisions to the content.

For the best workshop experience:

  • I suggest you progress through the lessons in numerical order.
  • When you start a lesson, read through the entire lesson and watch the videos in order and then start from the beginning of the lesson and complete the steps in that lesson.
  • The workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced quilters, so advanced quilters may find some of the videos a little tedious. Use the slider on the video to advance to the parts that interest you.
  • Most videos have a Video Index displayed after the video. Use that index to quickly advance to the segment you want to watch.

Please ask questions if something isn’t clear. At the end of each lesson are three ways to contact me, ask questions or interact with other students. If you have a question about material in a particular  lesson, it is best to comment at the end of that lesson.

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