Wildflowers and Butterflies

Wildflowers and Butterflies Quilt Block

For Rotary Cutting or AccuQuilt

Four Blocks
Four Blocks Cutting Diagram
Cutting Diagram

Patches and Units

Block Exploded View

Finished Sizes

Block HRT Unit Rectangle
3″ 1″ x 2″ 1″ x 2″ 1″
6″ 2″ x 4″ 2″ x 4″ 2″
9″ 3″ x 6″ 3″ x 6″ 3″
12″ 4″ x 8″ 4″ x 8″ 4″

NOTE: the fabric calculator for this block gives results for the 6″ finished block only. The other sizes and tools are given as a jump start if you wish to make other sizes.

Rotary Cutting Recommended Tools

Click on image for more information.

Product Name Notes
Stripology Ruler Cut strips, squares and rectangles.
Tri Recs Tool Cut HRT units. This tool will cup up to 6″ finished HRT.
Deb Tucker’s Split Rects Ruler Cut HRT units. Instructions for right or left handed users.
Creative Grids Perfect Rectangle Ruler Cut HRT units. Instructions for right or left handed users.

AccuQuilt Recommended Dies

There are namy different dies that can be used for this block. All of them are not listed here. Instead, the table below lists the most popular dies from the Qube sets.

Finished sizes for most units or patches are shown in the table below. Look for other dies that cut the size you need. For more information visit AccuQuilt.

Finished Sizes

Block HRT Unit
Angles Qube
Rectangle Patch
Mix & Match Qube
Square Patch
Mix & Match Qube
3″ 1″ x 2″ finished
4″ Qube Shape 14
1″ x 2″ finished
4″ Qube Shape 8
1″ finished
4″ Qube Shape 2
6″ 2″ x 4″ finished
8″ Qube Shape 14
2″ x 4″ finished
8″ Qube Shape 8
2″ finished
8″ Qube Shape 2
9″ 3″ x 6″ finished
6″ Qube Shape 14
3″ x 6″ finished
6″ Qube Shape 8
3″ finished
6″ Qube Shape 1
12″ 4″ x 8″ finished
Die 55160
4″ finished
8″ Qube Shape 1

The video below shows how to cut and piece the 12″ finished 4-block section shown at the beginning of this article. While viewing this video on YouTube, click in the description below the video to find a link to download instructions.

Now it’s time to design your own quilt and find fabric requirements and cutting instructions for everything.
Click on the button below and you will have access to the block fabric calculator and the quilt design calculator.

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