Star Heart Quilt Block

Rotary Cutting

Star Heart Quilt Block

The Star Heart Quilt Block shows love for our country. the deisgn shows the heart shape better if two different background fabrics, one light and one a little darker, are used.

Finished block size is 8″. The calculator for this block covers rotary cutting only at this time.

Size Your Quilt

To use the fabric calculators below, you will need to know the finished block size and the number of blocks for your quilt. Use the Design / Size A Quilt Calculator here to design your quilt then use the results to find fabric requirements for the number and size bowtie blocks you’ll need. This calculator also gives your fabric requirements and cutting instructions for any sashing and borders you add as well as backing and binding requirements.

Block Construction

The block is constructed from three main parts:

  • the upper left is a star
  • the upper right is a partial snowball block
  • the lower half is a flying geese unit.

The red and white stripes can be one fabric or you can stitch 2 @ 1-1/2″ red strips alternately with 2 @ 1-1/2″ white strips.

Watch the video below to see the Stitch and Flip method. The demo starts at timestamp 1:50.

The Folded Corner Clipper method is demonstrated below. Start at timestamp 3:59.

The Folded Corner Clipper is available in 2 sizes. Click on the image to learn more.

Fabric Calculator

Star Heart Block Rotary Cutting

STAR HEART QUILT BLOCK 8″ Finished – Rotary Cutting


Patch A

Patch D

Patch F


Patch A

Same as Dark Background Patch A

Patch B

Patch D

Cut half the number of squares needed for Dark Background Patch D

Patch G


Patch C

Patch H


Patch E


Patch I


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Happy quilting!

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