Squiggle Quilt Calculator: Rotary Cutting or AccuQuilt

Use the Squiggle Quilt Calculator to find fabric requirements and cutting instrctions for this quilt in any size you like. Choose frm the 4″ x 8″ finished block or the 6′ x 12″ finished block. Use Rotary Cutting or AccuQuilt to cut your fabric.

the Squiggle quilt pictured here finishes at 66″ x 84″ and uses the 6″ x 12″ finished block. The quilt is pieced in vertical rows and this setting is the alternating set.

The background fabrics are low volume prints and the accent fabrics are scraps. Achieve a more scrappy look when using different light and dark fabrics, instead of the fabrics in this quilt.

Squiggle Quilt Resources

The Squiggle block is part of the Block of the Day 2023 series of videos on YouTube. A video released in February 2024, gives details to make the Squiggle Quilt shown above. See these videos below.

0828 Squiggle Quilt Block Tutorial
Squiggle Scrap Quilt Jelly Roll Scraps or Fat Quarters

Download the Squiggle Quilt Instructions

How Many Blocks?

Before you can use the calculator below, you’ll need to know how many blocks you need. Head over to Design / Size A Quilt Calculator. Enter the block width and length. Add or change the Blocks Across and Blocks Down until you see the Actual Quilt Size you want. The results will tell you how many blocks you need. Use that number in the calculator below.

Squiggle Quilt Calculator

Using the Squiggle Quilt Calculator you instantly find fabric requirements and cutting instructions for Rotary Cutting and for Accuquilt cutting. Additionally, you can choose from the 4″ x 8″ finished block size or the 6′ x 12″ finished block size.

Assumptions Use in the Squiggle Quilt Calculator

  • Based on a usable fabric width of 40″.
  • For Rotary Cutting, the Two At A Time method to make half square triangles is used. Additionally, the squares are cut larger and trimmed down later.
  • For AccuQuilt the following dies from the 8″ or 6″ Mix & Match QUBES are used:

4″ x 8″ finished block

Accuquilt Die 55709
Shape 2
Die #55709
AccuQuilt Die 55712
Shape 5
Die #55712

6″ x 12″ finished block

AccuQuilt Die 55708
Shape 1
Die #55701
AccuQuilt Die 55710
Shape 3
Die #55703

The Squiggle block requires equal amounts of background and accent fabrics. In the Squiggle Quilt Calculator below, results are given for one of those fabrics. You will need to cut an equal amount of the other fabrics to complete your project.


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Happy quilting!

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