Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares

The Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares quilt is made with squares and half square triangles using light and dark scraps. The light fabrics are low volume prints.

Sew 2″ finished squares to make 4-patch units that finish at 4″. The half square triangles are 4″ finished. The block is 16″ finished.

The quilt pictured here is 64″ x 80″. There are 20 blocks set 4 across and 5 down.

The block is a made up in a 4 x 4 grid. Each grid unit has either a 4-patch unit or half square triangle that finishes at 4″.

To make the block smaller, simply make the unit in each grid 3″ finished for a 12″ block or 2″ finished for an 8″ block.

An exploded view of the block is shown. The 4-patch units and the center 16-patch unit can be strip pieced for faster piecing.

Most importantly, pay careful attention to the placement of the dark fabrics.

Cutting the Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares Quilt

Here are the patches for the squares and triangles. These show the number of light and dark patches for one block.

Piecing the Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares Quilt

The 4-patch units in the corners and the 16-patch in the center of each block can be strip pieced. For variety, sew 1 light and 1 dark strip together and sub cut into 2-1/2″ segments. Sew two segments together to make a 4-patch unit. Sew four 4-patch units together to make the center 16-patch unit.

The results in the calculator below will give you the number of strips needed. Simply use those strips for your strip sets.

Scrppy half square triangles and squares 4-patch unit
4 -patch unit. Make 4 per block
Scrappy half square triangle and squares quilt 16-patch
Piece four 4-patch units together as shown to make the 16-patch unit
Scrappy half square triangles and squares half square triangle units
Half Square Triangle Units Make 2 of each per block

Using the Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares Quilt Calculator

The calculator below will give fabric requirements and cutting instructions for rotary cutting and for AccuQuilt cutting. The only input you need is the number of blocks for your quilt. To find that, open the Design / Size A Quilt Calculatorr. First, use this calculator to find the number of blocks you need. After that, enter that number in the calculator below.

Rotary Cutting

The fabric calculations are based on using the Eight At A Time method to make the half square triangles. The size is based on cutting the fabrics a bit larger to trim down later. If you wish to cut them the exact size you need, cut the HST strips and squares @ 9-7/8″.

AccuQuilt Cutting

For cutting the Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares quilt with AccuQuilt, use the 4″ finished half square triangle die. Cut squares using one of two dies. Additionally, use strip piecing to make the 4-patch units.


For this quilt you will need two different sets of fabrics: the light fabrics and the dark fabrics. The results below show fabric requirements for one of those fabrics. You will need an equal amount of the other fabric to make this quilt.

Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares
Scrappy Half Square Triangles and Squares

Results Rotary Cutting

Results AccuQuilt Cutting