Quilt Sashing and the Table Tidy

Here is a summary of the articles added to the QuiltNotes Learning center this week. This week there are three new articles. Two articles are about quilt sashing and Table Tidy is a product review on the gadget to organize your quilting studio.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for Quilt Sashing & Cornerstones?

how much fabric do i need for sashing and cornerstones, quilt sashing and table tidy product review

How much fabric do I need for quilt sashing and cornerstones? In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate the fabric needed for sashing and cornerstone for any quilt. In the example here, the sashing fabric is a directional print with words. We want the words to all read the same direction. Use a coordinating fabric for the cornerstones.

Article How Much Fabric Do I Need for Plain Sashing and Cornerstones?

3 Simple Sashes & How To Piece Them

quilt sashing and table tidy product review

Quilt sashing can be added as part of a quilt top for a variety of reasons. Sashing can help continue a design from block to block. Sashing can be added to make the quilt bigger. In this article you will learn how to piece 3 simple sashes. Free downloadable instructions and foundation papers are included.

Article3 Simple Sashes and How to Piece Them

Product Review: The Table Tidy

quilt sashing and table tidy product review

This is a review of the Table Tidy by Tonic Studios. It’s a versatile product that takes all the clutter off your work table or desk. I purchased the main caddy, two double pockets and three single pockets.

ArticleProduct Review: The Table Tidy

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