Lumbered Jack’s Log Cabin Workshop

This simplified version of Lumbered Jack's Log Cabin is like the quilt featured in the book, Redesigned in Red, White and Black by Quiltworx which is a re-design of the pattern, Osprey's Nest at the Lake Cabin.

The original Lumbered Jack's Log Cabin uses 3 fabrics for the light side of the log cabin block, requiring special sorting, stacking and cutting techniques. This simplified version uses fewer fabrics and does not require any special cutting, sorting or staking.

Important: Use the chart in the supply list to choose your fabrics for this workshop. Do Not use the fabric chart on the back of the pattern.

There are 10 lessons and 13 videos in this workshop. Upon completion of your order, you will receive a link to download a PDF file. The file includes links to play the videos in your browser.

Please ask questions if something isn’t clear. There is contact information in the workshop.

Lumbered Jack’s Log Cabin Video Workshop


This video workshop consists of 10 lessons and 13 videos showing the piecing and construction of the Osprey’s Nest at the Lake Cabin quilt pattern by Quiltworx. The workshop is produced and taught by Carol Thelen.

You are purchasing the workshop ONLY. The Osprey’s Nest at the Lake Cabin pattern and papers by Quiltworx (sold separately) is required to complete the quilt shown in this workshop

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You are purchasing a PDF file containing the workshop and links to the videos. Permission has been obtained from Quiltworx to produce and distribute the lessons and instructions in this video workshop.

Upon completion of your order, you will receive a link to download the PDF file. To view the file and use the video links,  you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer with access to the internet. You can review the requirements and download here: Acrobat Reader

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