What is a Quilt Pattern Plus?

QuiltNotes Learning Center

Last Updated November 28, 2017

A Quilt Pattern Plus is a digital quilt pattern in PDF format. You purchase the pattern, download it and view it from your computer or other internet device. The Plus part of the pattern includes links in the PDF file to detailed instructions, demos, videos or other information about the pattern or its construction.

Let’s use our newest Quilt Pattern Plus, From Squares to Staras an example. The blocks in this pattern are constructed using squares and it produces a floating star which means no points to cut off. The technique is described in detail with illustrations and a video in the QuiltNotes Learning Center. Instead of telling you to go visit this web page, there is a link right in the pattern just after the cutting instructions that takes you right to the information you need, right at that moment.

Instead of telling you in the pattern instructions to “Attach the borders” you click on a link taking you directly to detailed instructions for cutting and attaching borders. These links, and the information made available by clicking on the links are the Plus part.

Sometimes the Plus part is a video workshop. This means you get the pattern plus complete instructions and a set of videos that take you from choosing fabric to finishing the quilt top.

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