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Last Updated May 04, 2018

This quilting video library lists videos by the same categories used by the QuiltNotes Learning Center. Some categories do not have videos yet but they may have articles. There are links to the articles (if any) for each category.

Odds & Ends

This section is not a category in the Learning Center because these videos don't really fit into a category. Enjoy!

ArticleGlossary of Quilting Terms

ArticlesQuilting Calculators

Supplies & Fabric

Information about any type of supply, notion, fabric or furniture used in making quilts.

Quilting Fabric

ArticlesQuilting Fabric

Quilting Notions

No videos on quilting notions at this time.

ArticlesQuilting Notions

Quilting Furniture

No videos on quilting furniture at this time.

ArticlesQuilting Furniture


Information on sewing machines, embroidery machines and quilting machines.

Sewing Machines

ArticlesSewing Machines

Quilting Machines

No videos at this time for quilting machines.

ArticlesQuilting Machines

Scan and Cut

ArticlesScan and Cut

Cutting & Pressing

Videos and tutorials on cutting and pressing fabric.



No videos on pressing at this time.


Quilt Tops

Articles and videos specific to the components of a quilt including blocks, sashing, borders, layouts and scrap quilts.

Quilt Blocks

Information for a specific quilt block.

ArticlesQuilt Blocks

Quilt Layouts

No videos on quilt layouts at this time.

ArticlesQuilt Layouts

Quilt Borders

Articles Quilt Borders

Scrap Quilts

Piecing Techniques

Machine Piecing

ArticlesMachine Piecing

Hand Piecing

ArticlesHand Piecing

Machine Applique

ArticlesMachine Applique

Finishing Techniques

Once the quilt top is finished, these are the things needed to complete a quilt except for the quilting.

Quilt Backing

ArticleQuilt Backing

Quilt Binding

ArticleQuilt Binding

Reviews & Recommendations

Product Reviews

ArticlesProduct Reviews

Book Reviews

No videos on book reviews at this time

ArticlesBook Reviews


No videos on recommendations at this time.


Patterns & Workshops

Quilt Patterns

No videos at this time for quilt patterns.

ArticlesQuilt Patterns

Quilt Workshops

ArticlesQuilt Workshops


Mondo Bag

ArticleHow to Make a Mondo Bag: Step-by-Step Instructions

Articles Projects


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