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Last Updated November 12, 2018

This method is called turn under machine applique because the edges are turned under before decorative stitching is added.  In this article we will demonstrate two methods to prepare turn under machine applique. The first uses a product called Stitch-N-Peel. Glue is used to turn the edges under. The Stitch-N-Peel fabric is left in place after stitching.

The second method uses freezer paper, Faultless Maxx Spray Starch and a hot iron to turn under the edges.

Stitch-N-Peel is a product for machine applique. It is packaged in 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets. One side of each sheet is a fabric-like material with sticky adhesive on the underside. A paper backing shields the adhesive until it’s needed.

Freezer paper can be found at your local grocery store.

The two videos below show each method. Additionally, here are the steps for preparing a piece for turn under machine applique:

  1. Transfer the applique design onto the Stitch-N-Peel or freezer paper.
  2. For Stitch-N-Peel, remove the paper backing and stick the applique to the wrong side of the applique fabric. For Freezer paper, use a hot iron to temporarily adhere the paper to the wrong side of the applique fabric.
  3. Cut out the applique design with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  4. Turn under the seam allowance using glue or a hot iron.
  5. For freezer paper, remove the paper from the applique.  Glue baste the applique in place on the background fabric.
  6. Stitch around the raw edges of the applique to secure it to the background. See the article, Machine Applique Stitches, for information about stitching the applique.

Preparing Turn Under Machine Applique with Stitch-N-Peel

The  next video shows how to prepare for turn under machine applique using Stitch-N-Peel.

Turn Under Machine Applique with Freezer Paper

Many moons ago I used the freezer paper method for hand applique. Hand stitch on the edge, though the fabric only. Remove the paper by making a slit in the background fabric under the applique. Machine applique is different because the stitches would most likely go well into the freezer paper.

The freezer paper method shown in the next video uses Faultless Maxx spray starch to hold the fabric in place.

The picture below shows the freezer paper method with buttonhole stitch.
freezer paper turn under machine applique

This is my first attempt at using freezer paper and Maxx spray starch. I like using freezer paper for simple, larger applique designs because the iron is easy to use for these. As you can see, the results are beautiful.


In conclusion, either method shown above will give great results. For smaller, narrow pieces of applique, such as stems and leaves, I would use Stitch-N-Peel because using the iron is difficult with these small pieces. Additionally for these small pieces, you have more control using the glue.


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