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Last Updated September 01, 2018
This collection of one thousand blocks from Quiltmaker’s magazine is presented beautifully. You’ll find yourself flipping pages and placing sticky notes everywhere. Include this book in your permanent quilting library because you’ll be referring to it for many years.

527 pages, color, pattern CD included. Published by F+W Media, Inc.

quiltmakers thousand blocks book review

Why One Thousand Blocks?

For years Quiltmaker’s magazine invited top designers to submit original designs. The magazine publishes one hundred blocks each year. This book is a compilation of the first one thousand blocks. These aren’t your everyday quilt blocks. Each block is one-of-a-kind. The blocks are arranged into four sections: applique, foundation pieced, mixed technique and pieced blocks. All the blocks finish at 12″. There is a large section on block layouts and yardages for various bed sizes. An index by designer follows the layout section.

Each page contains images and information on two blocks. The left column is not shaded. The right column is shaded in a pastel color. There is a different color for each section. For each block there is a picture of the actual block, information on the designer, location on the CD of the printable instructions and cutting and piecing instructions and diagrams.

pages from quiltmakers thousand blocks

Blocks 445 to 448 in the  Mixed Techniques section shaded light pink.

The Pattern CD

The CD included with the book contains 13 PDF files. I downloaded the files to my computer. The first 10 files contain instructions, templates, patterns etc for all the blocks. The next file is the Template Index by block name. The file after that is 8 pages of information and diagrams for techniques such as Tiny Bias Stems, Quarter Square Triangles, Prairie Points and much more. Finally, the last file is 20 pages of quilting designs. There are allover quilting designs, block designs and more.

I like this book. Thousands of ideas float around in my mind as I look at the colorful designs on each page. If you ever need inspiration, just page through this book and start creating. Buy your copy now.

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