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Last Updated April 21, 2018

This is a review of the Table Tidy by Tonic Studios. It’s a versatile product that takes all the clutter off your work table or desk. I purchased the main caddy, two double pockets and three single pockets.

Table Tidy review

What is a Table Tidy?

The Table Tidy clamps onto a table and uses pockets to organize crafts, desks, sewing or art supplies. Here are the specifics:

  • the main caddy pocket is 4.72″ x 11.81″ x 7.68″
  • fits table thickness of 0.59″ – 2.36″
  • Have any combination of pockets to suit your needs
  • The frame is made of solid steel with a chrome finish.

Check out this 2 minute video by Urban Scrapbooker explaining how the Table Tidy works.

The picture below shows my Table Tidy attached to my cutting table.

All of the things in the caddy were on my table. The table was extremely cluttered before. Unfortunately, I was so excited to install the Table Tidy, I forgot to take a before picture. Now I have plenty of room to spread out fabric and use rulers when cutting.

table tidy

Here is a close up of my Table Tidy. On the left side I have two of the single pockets. In the front I have one double and one single pocket. On the right I have one double pocket. One of the left single pockets is still empty and there is plenty of room to hold more items. I can’t believe how much this holds.

How Does the Table Tidy Work?

One of the single pockets holds my paper piecing tools. I can take the pocket full of tools to my big board ironing board. Here I use a smaller cutting mat while paper piecing. The mat and iron are together, making it easier to paper piece.

table tidy

This shows how I use the empty pocket to hold the trimmings from paper piecing. When I finish for the day, I empty the trimmings, put all the tools back in the pocket and bring it back to the main caddy. It has helped me keep my sewing room neat.


The Table Tidy by Tonic is well built and sturdy. It is easy to install on the edge of the table. The single and double pockets are easy to remove and replace as you need. I like the idea that I can pick up only the tools I need and bring them to where I need them. The pockets are sturdy and stand up on their own.  The best thing about the Table Tidy is it truly helps you tidy up your work space. It looks nicer than having all that clutter and it helps me be more efficient in my piecing.

On the other hand, I have just one thing that’s not ideal. The caddy and side pockets suspend over the edge of the table or desk. The distance from the table to the end of the caddy is about 12″. This extra distance needs to be taken into account when placing the caddy. This isn’t a problem for the worktable in my studio. I use the space under the suspended caddy to store a rolling bin. If you don’t have the space simply leave off the pockets on the front.

I love the Table Tidy and recommend it for keeping your studio tidy! I think you will love it too so get yours today!

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