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Last Updated January 01, 2018

Strip piecing is a piecing technique in quiltmaking where two or more strips of fabric are sewn together in parallel rows. Once these rows are sewn together, this is called a strip set. The strip set is cut into segments called units. Units are sewn together to other units or fabric pieces to construct larger units for the quilt top.

Most often the strips are cut in various widths from larger pieces of fabric giving the quiltmaker a strip of fabric approximately 42″ long. Using this method cuts down on the time it takes to cut and sew units together.

Cutting Strips

This video below shows how the fabric is pressed and cut into strips.

Sewing and Sub-Cutting Strips

This video shows how the strips are sewn together, pressed then sub-cut into units. In this case, the units are 4-Patches.

The video below shows how a single strip set can be sub-cut into segments. It was taken from a workshop so disregard any references about other videos in the lesson.

Strip sets can be stacked and then sub-cut into segments or units. This makes cutting twice as fast. This next video demonstrates stacking and cutting for a 4-patch unit.

Rail Fence & 4-Patch Quilt Pattern Plus


Includes instructions for two quilts that are perfect for beginners.  Plus there are  more than 4 videos showing the strip piecing technique.

Skill Level: Beginner
Finished Block Size: 6″ for both
Finished Quilt Size: Rail Fence approx 55″ x 67″  , 4-Patch approx 60″ x 78″

See more in Description below.


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