Stacked Seams in Flying Geese Units

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Last Updated January 01, 2018

There are stacked flying geese units in the Persian Nights quilt from the book, Geese Migrations by Quiltworx. They are easy to assemble into a quilt top if the geese are all going in the same direction or if the geese meet each other at the tips of the triangles.

Persian Nights pieced by Carol Thelen
Persian Nights pieced by Carol Thelen

The quilt Persian Nights, designed by Certified Shop, Pinwheels and Posies, and published in Geese Migrations book, has many of the geese units assembled by matching the bases of the triangles. Piecing these units caused me great frustration at first because the seams are stacked at an angle.

Most often in quiltmaking we like to press our seam allowances such that when units are pieced to each other the pressed seams will be opposing each other and they “lock” in place. This gives us nicely matched points.

This method works well when the seams are straight but when the seams are horizontal I found it difficult to match the seams perfectly. I was ripping out every seam I put in. Here is what worked for me when piecing the triangle bases together.

Piecing Stacked Flying Geese

I locked the seams to make them opposing even though they are pressed to be stacked. To do this you flip the top seam away from the direction it was pressed. Then I pinned the pieces together right along the pressed seam.Piecing angled stacked flying geese seams

Next is a closer view. Use a pin with a very thin shaft and a very small tip. Place the tip of the pin towards the edge to be stitched.

stacked flying geese seamsFold the pressed seam back into place, hiding the pin underneath.

stacked flying geese seamsThe next picture shows the pieced seam with the pin hiding underneath. There is another pin hiding under the other angled seam.

sewing the stacked flying geese seamsPerfectly matched seams make a square on point.

matched seams for stacked flying geeseClose up.

close up of stacked flying geese seams

In summary, stacked flying geese seams are easy to match up. The result is a square with matching points.

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