The Snowball Quilt Block

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Last Updated May 25, 2018

The snowball block couldn’t be easier to make. I like to use the Stitch and Flip method to piece this block. To create the look of a round center we cut off the corners of a square. Here are some sample settings for the snowball block.

snowball block

These are snowball blocks with white backgrounds. The blocks are set block to block.

snowball block with sash

Set the blocks with sashing for this look.

snowball block with cornerstones

In this setting with white sashing, the cornerstones are red.

snowball block red corners

In this setting the blocks have red corners and the cornerstones are black.

snowball block with 9-patchThis setting uses snowball blocks alternating with 9-patch blocks.

snowball block with shoo fly blockSnowball and shoo fly blocks are used for this design.

If you add triangles to 2 opposite corners you have what I call a half snowball block.

half snowball block

This block can make some interesting quilt designs. You can see some in the Pinterest section below.

Snowball Block on Pinterest

Learn how to make the snowball block using the stitch and flip method – Stitch and Flip Piecing.

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