The Snail’s Trail Paper Pieced Quilt

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Last Updated August 10, 2018

Use paper foundations to piece the snails trail quilt block. This article contains paper foundations you can copy and use. The foundations include the block, sash and cornerstone. I made the quilt below using these foundations. It was intended to be a Quilt of Valor® but, after washing the quilt, I found that a red, hand dyed batik bled all over it. For more information about pre-washing fabric, read the article Washing Fabric and Quilts.

snails trail quilt

For each block use one red fabric, one blue fabric one light fabric. The sashing and cornerstones make a star between the blocks. The blocks finish about 7-1/2″. Sashes are 3″ x 7-1/2″ and cornerstones are 3″ square. The quilt finishes at 60″ x 81″.

Snails Trail Quilt Color Variations

Here are some variations of red, white and blue I tried on Electric Quilt.

Electric Quilt 8 EQ800 Quilt Design Software

snails trail quilt

This version uses tan in the background and blue sash and cornerstones.

snails trail quilt

Red, white, blue and gold.

snails trail quilt

For this version we use red, white, blue and gold in the blocks and blue and gold in the cornerstones and sash.

snails trail quilt

This version uses blue and white for the blocks and red for the sash and cornerstones.

Snails Trail on Pinterest

Check out the QuiltNotes board for snails trail on Pinterest.

Download the Snails Trail Quilt Foundations

The download file is five pages. There is a diagram for cutting fat quarters for the blocks.

Download Snails Trail Quilt Papers

For paper piecing instructions, check out these articles:

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4 thoughts on “The Snail’s Trail Paper Pieced Quilt”

  1. I am looking to make a much smaller block I would like the block to finish at 6″. I have been unable to find a paper piecing templat for that size and am investigating the purchase of software to do that but don’t really know which product enables me to rescale the is particular block

    • Barbara, you don’t need anything to resize these papers. When you make copies, reduce the size by 1/3 (33%). that should get you a 6″ block. Be sure to measure the copy to make sure the size is right. You might need to tweak the reduction size. Let me know how it works!

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