Sizing a Quilt


Last Updated January 08, 2018

This quilt size calculator will save you lots of time and frustration. All you need is the block size. The sash and border are optional.

What is a Good Quilt Size?

The answer to this question is – it depends. Who is the quilt for and how will it be used?

  1. Does a newborn really need a queen size quilt? The quilt will probably not be used until the baby is out of the crib.
  2. Is a high school graduate taking it to a college dorm? Are they going to use it for the bed? What size is their bed?
  3. A wedding gift? Instead of a bed size quilt that might not be used, how about a throw size they can both cuddle under while watching TV?

After you decide the approximate size to make the quilt, start entering numbers in the calculator until you come up with something that fits your needs.

When you're happy with the numbers, write down all the numbers in your quilt journal or print the screen and save as an image file.


Moleskin Journal

I don't use my drawing journal all the time but this is the type of journal I use most often. It's great for doodling and making notes. It's durable and I like the elastic strap for keeping it closed in my bag.

  Pentel Mechanical Pencil

Most of the time I use my favorite mechanical pencil because it feels good in my hand and it has a really good eraser!


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