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Last Updated December 06, 2018

I love math, but I know many quilters would rather sweep the floor than use a calculator! Not judging here, just making an observation! When I write articles about quilting calculations, I like to show the math way and the no math way. Here is a list of articles that show the math but also provide calculators right on the page for people who just want the results.

Quilting Calculators

Sizing A Quilt

Use this calculator to find the perfect size quilt for your project. This is for straight-set blocks. A calculator for on-point blocks is coming soon.

  1. Enter the Block Width and the Block Length.
  2. Next, enter numbers for rows and columns. As you enter or change these numbers, the results for the quilt length and width are displayed.
  3. There are options for adding sashing and/or borders.

Every time you enter or change numbers, the results change.

Sizing a Quilt

Side Triangle and Corner Triangle Cutting Chart

This article describes how to cut side triangle and corner triangles. Instead of a calculator, there is a chart. The chart shows fabric requirements and cutting instructions for blocks from 3″ to 18″.

Side Triangle and Corner Triangle Cutting Chart

Strip Cutting – How Much Fabric Do I Need?

The simplest part of a quilt is the patch. Patches are sewn together into blocks . Blocks are sewn together into quilts. This calculator gives you the amount of fabric needed for any size and number of patches.

  1. Enter the Patch Width and Patch Length.
  2. Enter the Number of Patches in the Block and the number of Blocks in the Quilt.

The results give you Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions for that patch. Coming on December 15 is an article with a worksheet and video instructions for finding yardage for entire quilts with multiple blocks. Sign up for the Saturday Newsletter and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you won’t miss it.

Strip Cutting Calculator

Piecing the Backing

This in-depth article includes several calculators.

  • Directional fabric is explained and instructions for piecing are given.
  • Based on the direction of the fabric and the quilt size, use one of 6 calculators to find the fabric required.

Piecing the Backing Calculator

Attaching Straight Quilt Binding

A complete tutorial including written instructions, images and videos. Find the binding calculator at the top of the article. Enter the Quilt Width and Quilt Length and the results are displayed. You will see the amount of fabric needed and the number of strips to cut.

Binding Calculator

For more project tutorials and videos:

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