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Last Updated November 10, 2018

quilt reference and calculatorsLet’s explore articles in the Reference and Calculators category of the Learning Center.

Glossary Articles

Glossary of Quilting Terms – By no means complete, lots of information.

Quilt Calculators

Don’t like math? Use these handy calculators to find the numbers you need.

Side Triangle and Corner Triangle Cutting Chart – Set your blocks on the diagonal using side and corner triangles.

Piecing the Backing – Learn how to piece any size backing and find the correct yardage for directional or non-directional fabric.

Binding Calculator – Take the guesswork out of finding the correct binding yardage.

Sizing a Quilt – Enter the block and/or border size then add rows and columns until you reach the size you need.

Video Library

For a more complete list of videos, subscribe to QuiltNotes on YouTube

Video Library –  Listing of f QuiltNotes videos by category.

7 Videos: Lots of Tips for Quilting – A summary of 7 videos I find very helpful.

Quilt Care

How to Fold and Store a Quilt – Learn how to fold a quilt to reduce or prevent creases.

General Reference

This articles don’t fit into any of the categories above. Find them at the bottom of all the other articles in the Reference and Calculators category.

Exploring the QuiltNotes Learning Center – Tips of easy navigation and search of the entire Learning Center.

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