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Last Updated December 27, 2017

In this article we present an overview of various quilt layouts. Because quilt design is an art and personal choice, there aren’t standard quilt layouts. Instead, there are common quilt layouts.

Straight Set Layouts

The straight set layout is the most common quilt layout. In this layout blocks are set straight across and straight down. Electric Quilt Company, makers of the quilt design software,  Electric Quilt,  calls this the Horizontal Set.

horizontal set quilt layouts

ArticlesUsing Grain Lines in Quilting

Diagonal Layouts

Another common quilt layout is the diagonal layout.  Create a diagonal layout by setting the blocks on-point. In addition to blocks and borders, diagonal layouts use setting triangles and corner triangles. The image below shows some diagonal layout components.

diagonal quilt layouts
Anatomy of a Diagonal Layout

ArticleQuilt Blocks Set On-Point

ArticleSetting Triangle and Corner Triangle Cutting Chart

Other Quilt Layouts

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Recommended Products

electric quilt software products  Electric Quilt Software and Products

I have Electric Quilt 7 and have used nearly every version since EQ2. This is powerful quilt design software. Lots of videos, classes and tutorials are widely available. I use and recommend any product from the Electric Quilt Company.

 Quilt Pro Systems Quilt Pro Systems also makes a quilt design software. This is a good alternative to the slightly more expensive Electric Quilt Program. I have used this program in the past and was pleased with it. Resources for Quilt Pro Systems are not as widely available as those for Electric Quilt.  Check out their website for more information. Sign up for their free Block of the Day and Quilt of the Month programs.

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