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Last Updated September 15, 2018

A subscriber to my YouTube Channel recently asked “where can I find paper-pieced quilt kits sold as complete units with all the fabric I will need?” Because choosing fabric has never been a happy thing for me, I purchase a lot of quilt kits. Here is what I do to locate paper pieced quilt kits.

To my knowledge, the biggest names in the paper piecing quilt pattern world are:

I’m sure there are more great designers out there, so let me know and I’ll add them here.

Search by Designer Information

Often designers will sell patterns but not kits. Search the internet by using the designer’s name or company and the words “quilt kits”, such as “Violet Craft quilt kits”. Scroll past the ads until you find a domain name that looks like it might be an actual company that sells quilt kits.


Quiltworx offers training for shops that want to become Certified Shops. Their training teaches them how to choose and kit fabrics for Quiltworx patterns. Many of these shops will kit any Quiltworx pattern if they don’t have it in stock. These shops are listed on the Quiltworx website. You will see maps of the shops so you might find one in your area of the world.

Quiltworx also has Certified Instructors who might offer quilt kits.


BeColourful has a training program to become an Authorized Teacher. Check the Classes by Authorized Teachers page for places to purchase quilt kits. Also check out their Stores and Wholesale page for a list of stores that carry BeColourful patterns. There are links to the stores and some of them may carry quilt kits as well.

Violet Craft

The VioletCraft.com website is not and information on purchasing kits. Your best bet is doing the internet search by designer information in the first section on this page.

Deb Karasak

Check out Deb’s online store for Kits With Fabric to see available paper pieced quilt kits.

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