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Last Updated January 01, 2018

Use this iron caddy to take your iron to classes, retreats or just traveling. Not only does it allow you to pack your iron while it’s still warm, it protects the iron as well. I use this iron caddy all the time and I recommend it if you need one. The price is right too!

This is an iron caddy that I use when I take my iron to classes and retreats. I use a full size iron so I’m  going to show you how it goes in the caddy. First let me tell you what it’s made of. It has a zipper that zips all the way around and a handle for carrying it. The top flips open. Inside the iron caddy is made of a heat resistant materal and then  it had padding inside. The padding is like batting and then outside is a thick canvas material. It is an off white or natural color. It is trimmed in blue.

You put your full size iron inside. It protects your iron. There is a pocket in the top flap that is padded as well. This pocket is for the cord. You take the cord and gather it together and slip it into the pocket. The cord is protected once you flip the top over and zip it up. It really protects the iron as well as keeps the heat away from anything you are doing. This is something I use and I recommend it.

                            olisio iron

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