How to Machine Piece Hexagons

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Last Updated May 31, 2018

Quiltmakers often shy away from piecing hexagons by machine because there are 6 inset or Y-seams for each hexagon. The key to knowing how to machine piece hexagons is to mark the intersection points. Here are the steps to machine piecing hexagons.

  1. Cut the hexagons using 8-piece hexagon template set from Sew Easy or the Scan and Cut by Brother.
  2. On the wrong side of the fabric, mark the 6 points where the seam line intersect.
  3. Stitch 2 hexagons together from point-to-point along one side.
  4. Stitch adjacent sides of two hexagons together from point-to-point.
  5. Press seams using your method of choice.


How to Machine Piece Hexagons

The video below demonstrates the steps for piecing hexagons by machine.

If you like still pictures instead, here are the illustrated instructions.

Step1 – Cut the Hexagons

cut hexagons for machine piecing

For this demo we need one center hexagon and 6 outside hexagons.

Step 2 – Mark the Seam Line Intersections

Mark the seam line intersections on all hexagons. The markings are shown in the yellow hexagon in the picture in step 1.

Step 3 – Stitch Two Hexagons Together

Place two hexagons right sided together.

how to machine piece hexagons

You will stitch them together by matching the markings at the beginning and end of one side.

how to machine piece hexagons

Use a pin to line up the markings one each fabric.

how to machine piece hexagons

Match the intersections.

how to machine piece hexagons

Later you will stitch from one marking to the next. Instead of leaving the pin in the marking, hold the fabrics in place and place the pin so it does not touch the marking.

how to machine piece hexagons

Match and pin the end of the seam line as you did for the beginning.

how to machine piece hexagons

Starting at one mark, stitch to the other mark. Take back stitches at both ends. Do not stitch into the seam allowance.

Next you will stitch another hexagon to the right of the first. This doesn’t have to be the order for every time. The demo is done this way.

how to machine piece hexagons

Take the hexagon just sewn and fold it back as shown above. This gets the fabric out of the way in order to stitch the next hexagon to the upper right side.

how to machine piece hexagons

Mark and stitch the next hexagon as you did for the first.

Step 4 – Stitch Adjacent Sides Together

Now you have two hexagons with unsewn sides next to each other.

how to machine piece hexagons

Stitch these together matching marks as you did before. If the next part is difficult to visualize, go to part 03:39 in the video.

how to machine piece hexagons

Match the sides as shown here. Fold the center hexagon (yellow) out of the way. In addition, you might find it easier if you do not pin the right side of this seam. Stitch from the pin to the right.

Continue adding hexagons and stitching adjacent sides until the flower is complete.

Step 5 – Press

Finally it’s time to press. When you are ready to press, you have several choices. Choose which works for you and/or the design.

how to machine piece hexagons

Seams in the top part of this flower are pressed to one side. Seams in the bottom are pressed in a circular direction around the seam intersection. You are able to press in any desired manner because the seams were not stitched off the edges. For more information about pressing, go to 06:25 in the video.

For more information about hexagons read the article, Hexagons in Quilts.

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