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Last Updated February 16, 2019

Quilt labels are generally the last thing we add to a project. They are important because they tell the story of how the quilt began. Think of what we would know if all the quiltmakers years and years ago had added labels to all their quilts. Do I add labels to ALL my quilts?…..ummm …no!

Here is a picture of one of my quilt labels I took today. Notice the date and notice there is not a quilt attached to it. Nor is it ready to sew onto the quilt. Sorry about the quality of these pictures, I didn’t realize my camera settings were off!

quilt labels

I use Printed Treasures Sew On Inkjet Fabric Sheets to print my labels. After the label is printed and trimmed, I add borders using leftover binding fabric. Finally, I stitch the label to the quilt. If I really have my act together, I hand stitch the label on before I hand stitch the binding to the back.

Designing the Labels

I use Microsoft Word to design my labels. I keep it simple but you can add pictures, icons, or any graphic image you can insert into Word. Sometimes I use color with my color inkjet printer. This picture shows how 4 labels are printed on one sheet.

quilt labels on one sheet

  1. Set your page margins to .5″ for top, bottom and sides.
  2. Insert a 3 x 3 table. This will get you 4 labels on one sheet.
  3. Refer to the user guide for the software you’re using to set the size of the table cells. This picture shows the sizes of the table cells in the picture above.

quilt label table cells

  • The 4 cells with the labels are 3.2″ high and 4.5″ wide.
  • The cells between the labels are 1″
  • Make sure there are no borders showing on the table.

Printing On The Fabric Sheet

Once you are happy with the label designs, print a test sheet on paper. This is important because if it prints wrong on the fabric sheet or you have a typo, that fabric sheet is trash. All printers are different. Be sure you have the proper placement of the fabric sheet in the printer. Make sure the fabric is the print side for your printer.

After printing, I usually cut the sheet into 4 parts. Just cut the middle of the sheet both horizontally and vertically. I remove the paper after cutting.

IMPORTANT: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for printing and setting the ink. It’s really easy but you have to do what they say. You will run water over the fabric and then allow it to dry before adding the borders.

Adding the Border

I use leftover prepared binding for the border.

Cut two pieces the width of the label. Sew one piece to the top of the label.

quilt label

Press towards the border. Repeat on the bottom of the label.

quilt label

Measure the length of the label including the borders you just attached. Add about an inch. Cut two pieces to this size.

quilt label

Center the border to the sides of the label. There is a 1/2″ overlap on both sides. Stitch border to label.

quilt label

Press towards the border.

quilt label

Prepare Label for Stitching

On the back of the label, using wash out fabric glue, fold the overlapping edges under and glue in place.

quilt label

Place the label where you want it. Place fabric glue under the borders on all sides and glue in place. The glue means there are no pins to stick you. I hand stitch the label using the same stitch I use for bindings.

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