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Last Updated November 12, 2018

faultless maxx fabric starchIt is rare that I use a product for the first time and decide to use it from then on. My good friend, I will refer to as MW because she is a private person, has used Faultless Maxx Professional Strength Starch for more than a few years. I have seen her use it at classes and retreats. It is the only fabric starch or starch alternative she uses. Before now, I couldn’t see what the benefit was.

Fast forward to several retreats I attended in 2017. At these retreats, more than a few of my fellow quilters were using Faultless Maxx. I still didn’t try it. Recently I have written reviews and articles about fabric starch and alternatives to starch. I used the products. I like how they make ironing easier. The starch gives fabric extra body for more accurate cutting and piecing. I ordered some Faultless Maxx and gave it a try.

Faultless Maxx and the Churn Dash Quilt Block

While preparing the article for The Churn Dash Quilt Pattern I used the Maxx. I used the Maxx each time I pressed. The techniques I used for The Churn Dash Quilt Block include half square triangles and strip piecing.

I started by pressing the fat quarters as I stacked them. Next I cut the strips from the stacked fat quarters.

Half Square Triangle Units

The HST were made by drawing a grid directly on the fabric. The stiffness added by the starch was enough to make drawing, stitching and cutting the triangles very accurate. However, the fabric was not so stiff it could stand up.

chrun dash quilt block

Strip Pieced Rail Fence Units

For the strip piecing, I sewed the strips into sets.

faultless maxx

Before I pressed the strips open, I used the Maxx to set the seams.

faultless maxx

Next I pressed the seams toward the dark fabric. Using Maxx in the previous step gave me a crisp, flat crease. After pressing the seam here I gave it another light spray of the Maxx. You don’t need to use a lot of spray. I tried to use a light spray each time.

NOTE: On the right side of some of the dark blue fabrics I could see the imprint of the seam allowance. I think this was caused by using too much starch. I used a cloth to brush it slightly and the imprint was gone.

The Finished Block

Here is a close-up picture of some finished block seams.

faultless maxx

This block has not been trimmed. The sides are straight and the 1/4″ at the points are right on. I could not be more pleased.

See how I use the Maxx with freezer paper to prepare pieces for machine applique – Turn Under Machine Applique.


In conclusion, all I can say about Faultless Maxx Professional Strength Starch is use it! I will always use this starch in my piecing from now on. I was amazed how accurate the finished product was. The only place I know of to purchase Faultless Maxx is online. If you know of a retailer who carries this please let me know in the comments.

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