Facing A Quilt: A Binding Alternative

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Last Updated March 16, 2019

Recently I learned about facing a quilt instead of binding it. You attach facing in a way similar to the way binding is attached. Fold the binding completely to the back. Facing a quilt doesn’t add any extra dimension, color or texture to the outer edges of the quilt.

This picture is part of a border that has been faced.

facing a quilt

The border fabric looks like weathered wood. I wanted it to look like a framed window.

Check out the video of how I faced this quilt.

When To Choose Facing A Quilt

I can see times when facing a quilt is a good idea. The example above is a good one. Additionally, if you have a border that you do not want to frame with a binding, facing a quilt is a good alternative.


Overall I like the look of a facing. My one question is, what does it look like after washing? I will try it in the future and follow up.

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