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Last Updated November 10, 2018

Quiltnotes learning centerI started this website to share what I have learned about quilting. My biggest frustration is how to organize the information.  In this article you’ll learn how to use the Search feature to find articles in the QuiltNotes Learning Center.

QuiltNotes Learning Center Home Page

There are two ways to reach the Learning Center home page:

Latest Articles

The title of this page welcomes you to the QuiltNotes Learning Center. Just under the title are links to the 3 latest articles in the Learning Center. In the picture below the links are not active. However, on the Learning Center Home page you can click on any of the links to go directly to the article. The picture below shows this article on top, indicating it is the latest article added.

The little page icon tells you this is an article.quiltnotes learning center

TIP:  Click on any link the the QuiltNotes Learning Center and a new page opens, replacing the old one. If you want to keep the old page and open the link in a new window, do this:

  1. Hover over the link to the article you want to open
  2. A hand with a pointing finger appears.
  3. Right-click and choose “Open Link in New Window”.

This tip is especially helpful when using the Search feature.

Search Feature

Next you will see the search box.

Quiltnotes learning center

Type in the subject you’re interested in. Keep it simple. Instead of typing “how to attach binding” simply type “binding”. This will give you more results. Here are the results for “binding” at the time this article was published.

quiltnotes learning center search

The results show every article where the word “binding” is used in the text or title. Click on a link to open the article. However, if you want to scan several of the articles, use the Tip above to open the link. This preserves your search results so you won’t need to search the same term again.


Under the search box are 9 categories of articles. Here is the Cutting & Pressing category. This category is divided into two sub-categories: Cutting and Pressing.

quiltnotes learning center

The arrows indicate there are articles  in the sub-category. Click on an arrow to see the articles in that sub-category. This picture shows all the articles in the Cutting & Pressing category.

quiltnotes learning center


Click on an article link to open the article page. Browse the categories on the left side and the article in the center. The picture below shows the top portion of the Needle Plate article.

quiltnotes learning center

The category blocks are on the left and continue down the page. The center section tells you when the article was last updated. Breadcrumbs here show you are in the Learning Center. The category is Machines. The sub-category is Sewing Machines and the article is Needle Plate. Click on any of those links to take you to the page of interest.

The magnifying glass on the right opens the search box.

quiltnotes learning center

I hope this little overview helps you find the information you need.

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