How to Cut Hexagons With Templates

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Last Updated March 07, 2018

I like to use hexagon templates for accuracy. Templates are a great way to use scraps. In this tutorial I will tell you how to cut hexagons with templates. I also include information about the supplies you’ll need.


The basic supplies needed to cut hexagons include:

Hexagon Sizes

Hexagon sizes are determined by the finished measurement of each side. A 1 inch hexagon has 1″ finished sides. All sides are the same measurement. In this tutorial we are cutting 1″ hexagons.

how to cut hexagons fom templates

I use the 8-piece hexagon template set from Sew Easy. The sizes range from 3/4″ finished to 3″ finished. It includes a zip close pouch so they (hopefully) won’t get lost.

Cut Fabric Strips

I don’t know of an accurate way to speed cut hexagons from templates. First I cut strips. From the strips, I cut each hexagon individually. Measure the width of the template from one side to the opposite side as shown below.

measure hexagon template

This 1′ finished hexagon template measures about 2-1/4″ from one side to the opposite side.

cut fabric strip for hexagon

Cut a strip of fabric 2-1/4″. I prepare my fabric by using Faultless Maxx Spray Starch. This gives the fabric some stiffness, making cutting more accurate.

cut hexagon from fabic strip

  • If using a rotary cutter and mat, place the template on the fabric strip and cut a hexagon.
  • If using scissors, mark around the template with your mechanical pencil or marking pen. cut just inside the marking.

Mark the Stitching Lines

Next you will mark the stitching lines. You have several choices:

  • mark the points and draw the line dot-to-dot
  • mark the 1/4″ without the dots

Marking Point-to-Point

Once the fabric is cut out, use the holes in the template to mark the 6 corners on the wrong side.

mak points in hexagon

Use a fine point marker or mechanical pencil.

draw seam lines dot-to-dot

Next, use your pencil or marker and a straight edge to connect the dots.

Mark Without Dots

To mark without the dots, use the Perfect Piecer or another 14″ marker to draw the seam allowance on each side.

perfet piecer for hand piecing

I like using the Perfect Piecer because it’s made from slightly thinner material than a cutting ruler. Additionally, the lines are thinner making it more accurate for drawing 1/4″ lines.

hexagon seam lines drawn in

Instead of the dots showing the corners, use the intersection of two lines to find the corners when piecing.

hexagon templates have very little waste

Using templates means very little waste.


I hope you now know how to cut hexagons with templates. For more information about piecing and cutting hexagons here are some articles you might like:

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