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Last Updated February 02, 2019

corner 4-patchThe Corner 4-Patch quilt block is easy and fun to make. Use scraps, fat quarters, yardage or a combination of all three. Use strip piecing, patchwork piecing or both to construct this unit. This article includes instructions for 6 quilt sizes.

The Corner 4-Patch block finishes at 8″. There is a 4-patch unit in the corner. Use fabric yardage and strip piecing to piece this unit or use light and dark scraps.

The rest of the block consists of a 4″ square and a 4″ x 8″  rectangle. Use scraps or fat quarters for these units or use a fat quarter to make 4 of each.

Quilt Sizes and Fabric Yardage

The chart below shows fabric yardage requirements for six different quilt sizes. This chart uses yardage for the 4-patch units and fat quarters for the squares and rectangles.
corner 4-patch yardage chart


Dark and Light Fabrics

Cut the required number of 2-1/2” strips from WOF.

Fat Quarters

Cut the pieces shown in the diagram below from each fat quarter.

corner 4-patch fat quarter cutting chart

Tip: Cut the fat quarter scraps into strips to use for a scrappy binding.

Using Strips Instead of Fat Quarters

Use 4-1/2″ x WOF strips instead of fat quarters for the squares and rectangles. Sub-cut each strip into 3 @ 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ squares and 3 @ 4-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ rectangles. The next chart shows the number of strips needed.

corner r-patch blocks



Strip Piece the 4-Patch Unit

For a tutorial on strip piecing read the article, Strip Piecing Tutorial .

Sew one light and one dark strip together along the length of the strip to make one strip set. Repeat until all the light and dark strips are sewn together into sets. Press the seam allowance toward the dark fabric.

corner 4-patch strip set

Sub-cut each strip set into 2-1/2″ segments. You should have 16 segments. Stitch two segments together  into  a 4-patch unit.

corner 4-patch unit

Piece the Corner 4-Patch Block

Sew one 4-patch unit to one 4-1/2″ square.

Corner 4-patch piecing

Sew one 4-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ rectangle to complete the block.

corner 4-patch pieicng

Quilt Settings

Here are a few ways to set the Corner 4-Patch blocks into a quilt.

corner 4-patch setting

Use this setting if you want the 4-patches in a line.

corner 4-patch setting

The 4-patches meet each other in the center to form what looks like a 9-patch block.

corner 4-patch setting

The light 4-patch fabric forms diagonal lines and the main fabrics highlight the diagonals.

corner 4-patch setting

Same layout as the quilt to the left (or above on mobile) only using scraps for the main fabrics.

corner 4-patch

Another diagonal setting. Notice how the light fabric in the 4-patch unit creates the diagonal.

corner 4-patch

Just playing with the designs. Reminds me of the little corner tabs from old picture albums.

corner 4-patch

Little zig-zags down the length of the quilt.

corner 4-patch

Break up the zig-zags and get tossed bowties.

As you can see, simple blocks can make striking quilts. Add borders to make the quilt larger if you like. The dark  4-patch fabric is used for  binding in these images.




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