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Last Updated March 19, 2018
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I’ll just put this right out there. I don’t know a thing about choosing color in quilts. People say “But Carol, you’re so creative!” Uhh, no…I wouldn’t call myself creative. Follow instructions and piece a beautiful quilt, yes I can do that. I love to buy kits with fabrics already chosen for me. I love scrap quilts because I don’t have to think about color.

I’m a color school dropout. I have taken classes in color and I have studied color wheels till my eyes cross then glaze over before rolling to the back of my head. I’m OK with choosing up to 6 fabrics. But for quilts with more fabrics than that, I have friends strategically placed in the quilt shops around me. They “help” me choose fabrics. In the past, I’ve tried to add a fabric to whatever they have chosen for me but I gave up on that.

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The faces they made at me when they saw my fabric scared me! Thanks Tina, Maryland and Dolores.

Help Choosing Color in Quilts

I discovered a great website called  You’ll love this website. It is nothing but color palettes. Each palette has a beautiful picture and 5 colors taken from the picture. I can’t show them here because of copyrights.

I can use a palette to choose 5 fabrics and know they will look great together. And, if I need another fabric or two I feel confident I can add them on my own…..

choosing color in quilts  or not!

The color palette categories are Warm Palettes, Cool Palettes, Pastel Palettes and Contrasting Palettes. I know nothing about warm or cool colors, but I do know they are beautifully presented on

Also on the website, click on “2 colors”. Choose two colors from the display and then click “Pick Up”. You will see color palettes with those colors on them.

I started pinning some of the palettes on Pinterest.

There are also pins from ColourQ. This is a blog with color palettes and a challenge. It appears the blog ran from 2009 through the end of 2016. The pictures and palettes on this blog are timeless and beautiful.

So grab your beverage of choice, put your feet up and start clicking and pinning. I hope you enjoy these color palettes as much as I do.

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