Amazon Star: The Biggest Quilt I Ever Made!

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Last Updated April 13, 2018

Here it is guys. Amazon Star designed by It finishes at 104″ x 104″. I have never made a quilt this big. My daughter, Diane, wanted a duvet cover for a king size bed. So I offered to make one for her.

This is a picture of the finished quilt top taken by China at Sew Special Quilts in Katy Texas. This is where I purchased the fabrics.

Amazon Star Quilt

The Pattern

amazon star quilt pattern

Here is the pattern. It was designed by Judy Niemeyer at Click the pattern for more information.

The Focus Fabric

Amazon Star has about 15 fabrics if you follow the instructions and pictures on the pattern. When it comes to choosing this many fabrics, my head explodes! We narrowed it down to 11. On the Quiltworx website you can download a file to print and color with markers or pencils. We did this. One of Diane’s friends made a beautiful coloring using the colors we thought we wanted.

amazon star

Of course, when we got to the quilt shop, Diane picked out fabrics no where near those colors. This is fine. We used the color drawing to help us decide where to put the fabrics we were choosing. Diane chose fabrics she liked and we spread them over the cutting table. I asked her which fabric she liked the most. We would use this for the large open areas. She chose Daisy Paisley from Michael Miller. Click on the fabric images for more information.

The Outer Spike Fabrics

Next I asked her which fabrics she wanted for the large spikes around the edges of the quilt. Here are the fabrics she chose.

The Eight Point Star Fabrics

We chose 3 fabrics for the eight point star units.

amazon star

Zest for Your Nest designed by Savannah Gingiber from Moda

Amazon Star

Paiges’ Passion designed by Lila Tueller from Riley Blake

Fabric For The Rays

We chose 5 fabrics for the rays between the eight point star units.

amazon star

Bloomsbury designed by Franry & Jane from Moda

amazon star

Everglade Climbing designed by Betsy Silber from Michael Miller

amazon star

Haven designed by Stacy Peterson from Blend Fabrics

amazon star

Wild About You from Windham Fabrics

Once I got the fabrics home I washed and pressed them. Then I used to upload fabric images and place them in the quilt. When I was happy with the design I printed out the fabric requirements. Normally one would want to audition the fabrics in Quiltster before purchasing them. I chose to use it to check the design. Here is the Quiltster image with the fabrics in place.

amazon star

Download the yardage requirements for this version of Amazon Star — Yardage

Piecing Amazon Star

Finally, here are some pictures and comments showing construction.

Amazon Star

Start with the center star and spikes.

Amazon Star

Next piece the eight point star units.

Amazon Star

The center ring units.

amazon star

The bottom part of the rays.

amazon star

Top part of the rays and the outer eight point stars.

amazon star

Background units and outer spikes.

amazon star

Almost there!

Amazon star

Even though this is a large quilt, I had to add 4″ to two sides to make it the correct size for the duvet cover.

Download the FREE paper piecing pattern for the small border

Paper Piecing Floating Points

Next I’ll be using two cotton flat sheets to make the duvet cover. One sheet will act as the lining to protect the seam allowances and the other will be the back of the duvet cover.

How Long Did It Take?

People always ask how long it takes me to paper piece a quilt. The piecing for this quilt took me about 3 weeks. But there’s more to it than that. First I always prepare everything before I purchase the fabric. It took me a full two days to cut out the papers and sort them into bags. Next I purchase the fabric. Before cutting it, I wash and press it. Normally I cut up all the fabric before starting the piecing. For this quilt I chose to pre-cut the fabric into the strips needed to make the final cuts. The strips are put into the proper bags with the papers.

Working with one bag at a time, I made the final cuts for that bag and did the piecing. I set goals each day and stuck to them. I tried not to work on any other projects but if you’re a quilter, you know this is not happening. Psssst, don’t tell Diane but I really wanted to finish this thing and get back to hand piecing my hexagons!


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