3 Simple Sashes and How to Piece Them

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Last Updated April 06, 2018

Quilt sashing can be added as part of a quilt top for a variety of reasons. Sashing can help continue a design from block to block. Add sashing to make the quilt larger without piecing more blocks. This article shows how to piece 3 simple sashes. The first design uses strip piecing to make 9-patch units. Learn to make four flying geese units at a time for the second design. Finally, easy paper piecing is used for the diamond version.

In it’s simplest form, sashing is just a strip of fabric added between blocks. Smaller blocks, called cornerstones, fill in between the sashing. The image below shows a simple sash and cornerstones.

3 simple sashes

For information and instructions to cut plain sashing and cornerstones, read the article – How Much Fabric Do I Need For Quilt Sashing and Cornerstones.

Nine Patch and Rail

3 simple sashes 9 patch and rail

The first of 3 simple sashes is the Rail Fence sash with Nine Patch cornerstones. These units are strip pieced. The video below shows the basics of strip piecing.

The next video shows how two strip sets are sewn together to make 4-patch units.

For this design you will need two strip sets. If you want a 3″ finished sash, cut your strips 1-1/2″. Make the cuts shown below. These cuts will make 3 cornerstone blocks and 3 rail fence sashes.


3 simple sashes 9-patch and rail fence


Flying Geese Sash

Use flying geese units for this version. Learn how to make 4 flying geese units at the same time with these downloadable instructions:

Speed Piecing Flying Geese

3 simple sashes flying geese

This version uses flying geese for cornerstones and sashing. It is fun to play with the direction for the flying geese. This also looks great using scrappy flying geese. Great way to use up scraps.

3 simple sashes flying geese

This version uses a square-in-a-square block, sometimes called a diamond block, for the cornerstones. Piece the cornerstone block using the foundation paper technique. Use this cornerstone block in the Diamond Sash version below. A downloadable foundation paper pattern in available in the Diamond Sash section below.

Diamond Sash

3 simple sashes diamonds

This is a striking design for very little work. Depending on how you see it, you can see diamonds or stars. For this design we use the paper piecing method.

Download the foundation papers for 3″ x 3″ finished cornerstones and 3″ x 9″ finished sashes.

Diamond Cornerstone and Sashing Foundation Papers

These 3 simple sashes have many different design options. Make them scrappy or elegant. use them to add secondary designs to many block designs. Best of all, I like to add sashing and cornerstones to make a quilt bigger without making more blocks.

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Explore More Sashing Options

Take an online class to learn many different techniques and designs for sashing and cornerstones.

Connect the Blocks: Designing Custom Sashings

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  • Matching Sashing Strips – When using cornerstones with sashing, you won’t need to worry about matching the sashing strips. However, this is a good video showing how to match sashing if you need to.

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