How Do You Size a Quilt in Under a Minute Without Math?

Many people I know will immediately cringe when they hear the word “math”. It's the ultimate 4-letter word. When sizing quilts, quilters now have a no-math way to do this quickly.

Each time I wanted to decide how to make a quilt a certain size or within a certain size range, I would draw it out on scraps of paper. There was a lot of crossing out and erasing and starting over involved. I came up with this little calculator that works like a charm….and here it is.

OK, my little calculator is not Electric Quilt — which I have and LOVE! — but it's quick and FREE for you to use any time.

Here's how you can use the buttons below to access it even faster:

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Email it to your phone –

  1. Use the email button below (the envelope) to email this page to your phone.
  2. Open the email in your phone then press this link – Sizing A Quilt Calculator
  3. Save it on your phone and you have instant access!


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