Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access my account and my workshops?


    On the upper right of any screen, click on ACCOUNT to display the login page. When logged in, your account dashboard is displayed. This page gives you access to your account information, settings and any content, such as workshops, that you are authorized to view.

    Account Dashboard


    My Workshops – takes you to a page with all your workshops displayed. Click on a workshop to view the lessons.

    Account Links on the left side – Click on these links to view information about your account and to manage account information.

    My Memberships – To control access to workshops, each workshop is linked to a membership plan.  Any workshops you have purchased will be listed here.

    Some memberships can be clicked to access the information and these are shown in blue with a VIEW button, such as the Testing Workshop shown above.

    Below the My Memberships area you will see any workshops you purchased. Click on a workshop to view the lessons.