Duvet Cover From Quilt Top and More This Week

I’m finally finished with my duvet cover project. This week I am starting again on my hexagon project and finishing up my bargello quilt. I had stopped for a month or so to piece Amazon Star by Quiltworx. In addition to the quilt top I made pillows and covers. Because I made it into a duvet cover, I did not quilt the Amazon Star. I made two large pillow shams, two small pillows and two pillow cases to go along.

Amazon star duvet cover

Here is the duvet cover and the 27″ x 27″ pillows. The large flange I added is a little floppy. For the quilt top turned duvet cover, I used two cotton sheets. One sheet was used to line the quilt top. This protects the seams. The second sheet makes the back of the duvet cover. In this picture, at the head of the bed, you can see the duvet folded to expose the navy back.

quilt duvet cover

This shows the small 18″ pillows. these are reversible with the yellow fabric on the back.

duvet cover

Here are the pillow cases.

ArticleThe Biggest Quilt I Ever Made! – More pictures and information about this quilt.

Hexagon Project

After finishing the project above, I was able to restart the hand pieced hexagon quilt I started a few months ago.

hexagon diamonds

Piece the diamond using 25 hexagons. Add 10 connector hexagons on one side.

hexagon diamonds

Press the diamonds. Stitch to the quilt top.

diamond hexagons

This is one of the top/bottom setting triangles that goes between the blocks. After looking at this, I realized I added an extra row or two. I’ll need to fix that.

diamond hexagons

I mark and cut the hexagons using the Brother Scan and Cut.  These are snack size zipper bags. Each bag holds enough hexagons for two diamonds with connectors. These are a great size. So portable I can work on them just about anywhere.

Here are more articles about this quilt and hexagons here in the QuiltNotes Learning Center:

In a few weeks, I’ll have a mini lesson and download to show how you can make your own hexagon quilt without using papers. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified when it releases.

Bargello Project

Finally, I am about two thirds finished with my bargello quilt.

bargello quilt

I am making three identical panels like this. This quilt was inspired by Erica Selman’s video – Heartbeat Bargello Quilt.  This will be an article in a few weeks as well.

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